Are you a Leader or a Slacker?

Do you claim to be a Leader in your business or your field of expertise? I have noticed that many people claim to be Leaders, but I consider them Slackers instead.

Do You Think Motivational Thoughts?

Motivational thoughts should go beyond quotes or positive thinking cliches. Your thoughts should be specifically designed to motivate you. Here are some examples.

The Magic of Networking

It takes time, energy, and effort to build a network. Through building that network you build relationships with people who know you, trust you and will do business with you.

Combining the Mind and Effective Goal Setting

Believe it or not, but intelligence really has nothing to do with success and financial acumen, but goal setting does! Set goals, follow them, and achieve the success you deserve!

Developing Leadership Skills

This article is designed to provide guidance for executives and managers who are involved in developing strategic Leadership Skills for their organisations.

Are You Programmed For Success…Or Failure?

Have you ever wondered why some people just have it all? It’s got NOTHING to do with luck and everything to do with the way you were raised. Find out if YOU were programmed for success…or failure.

A World of Endless Opportunity

There is enough opportunity for everyone. This should be your mantra: Observe your competition, learn from their mistakes, and when possible, copy their success.

Achieving Goals – A lesson for all

The London Marathon in April 2005 provided some heroic examples in Achieving Goals. The competitors have much to teach us about achieving goals.

How To Develop A Motivated Mindset

The feeling of being overwhelmed by work, or sad about the pain and suffering in the world can break many people down. Having a Motivated mindset will help.

Empowered Leadership

No longer does a one size fits all leadership work. Managers must have a framework to manage their workers in a way that honours everyone in their job.

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